The Significance Of Tourism On The Economy Of A Country



When you hear the word tourism, what comes into your mind? Do you just think about traveling to different places, seeing beautiful sights, tasting local cuisine, and enjoying a new culture? However, tourism is not just about all of those – it also covers a whole lot of other areas. In addition to that, you should be aware that tourism also contributes largely to the success of a specific country, state or even just a specific town. In order to find out more about it, please read on and keep yourself informed.

What is tourism?
So first of all, what exactly is tourism? By definition, tourism is essentially travelling for leisure, recreation, family, business or religious purposes, typically just for a limited amount of time. Tourism is normally linked with traveling internationally, but it could also refer to travelling to another state, city or town within the same country. In fact, the World Tourism Organization describes tourists as individuals who travel to, and stay in places outside of their normal environment. They normally do this on not more than one succeeding year for business, leisure or for some other purposes.

In addition to that, tourism has risen and is now one of the most popular global activities for leisure. Tourism can also be either international or local. In fact, tourism on the international level has both outgoing and incoming implications on the balance of payments for a particular country. As of today, tourism is one of the foremost sources of income for many different countries. It can also influence the economy of both the host and source countries, and it can be of vital importance.

Tourism-Close-to-Home_Price-Transparency-is-KeyImportance And Significance Of Tourism
So now that you know what tourism is, did you know that it is equally as vital to the economy of a country too? Tourism is even very important on a smaller scale – say the economy of a particular city. So why is that so? Tourism is an important and very significant source of income for many people, cities and countries. In fact, its importance has been recognized in the Declaration on World Tourism of 1980. There, it stated that tourism is an activity that is essential to the life of different nations. This is because it has direct effects on the cultural, social, economic, and educational sectors of different national societies. It also has a very vital impact to the international relations of a particular country to other nations.

Tourism, if utilized properly, can be a very strong tool to boost the economy of a country hugely. For example, if the tourism in your country is strong and well-advertised, you can attract more people to visit your country. Once various individuals take an interest in your country and visit you, they would naturally want to explore different cities, taste the local cuisine, buy souvenirs, and etc. Basically, the tourists that you have attracted will not be able to help themselves from spending. When this happens, not only is the overall GDP of your country developed and boosted, but it can also help a lot of local businesses earn some much needed income.

Another importance of tourism is that, there are some people who have lived in a particular country, but have not even travelled towards other cities. However, once tourism for a particular city is boosted and advertised, it could catch their interest and encourage them to finally get out of their own city, and visit the other cities within their country. Tourism is a great tool to encourage various people from the same country to visit that once undiscovered city. This gives people a lot of opportunities to come across different cultures that they may not have known in the past, and they could assimilate with other people.

These are just some of the advantages of tourism. Just like everything else, it could also have its own disadvantages but as for now, tourism is on the rise and is bringing more good than bad. So, you should do your part and help increase the tourism activity in your country too!

Tuscany – The land of beautiful beaches

cala-violina1The west central Italy contains a beautiful region called Tuscany. Along the coast of this place, some usual things are to see including white sand, unspoiled nature, and crystal clear water. These good things along many other features attract tourist from all countries each yea

A friend of mine who is Commercial Reverse Osmosis Expert was telling me that regardless of the time consumed here, be it a day, a week, or a month, thousands of tourist turn to the region just to enjoy the vacations and to pass the free time they have from their homelands. If you get a chance of visiting this area, don’t miss the beauty of beaches, worldliness, and landscapes.

Tuscany not only attracts ordinary people but also, some celebrities tend to enjoy its nature. Some even made their own houses there to enjoy the wonders of the region. To name some, we can mention George Clooney, a famous American actor, and Sting, the British singer. Both settled there for a long time, living there with their families.  This results in the popularity of its beauty, nature, and unmatched circumstances.

Tuscany is full of various beaches and each poses some unique features not found elsewhere in the world. This short article cannot enfold all the beaches located in the region, but I would like to share just one place named Versilia. The beauty of this place shouldn’t be missed by any tourists came to explore the nature of Tuscany.

Versilia is considered one of the most visited regions in Tuscany, well-known for not only its beauty but tourists love it because of being every eventful and full of social life and clubs, both day and night. You can enjoy the sea view along with attractive landscapes. There is a river named Versilia, so the whole region has been named so, at the name of that river.

Since the beach is a part of Tuscany, so visitors can feel the beauty expected from Italy. The beaches are all personal and not to use for the public. However, if you talk to the owners, you may be facilitated to stay there as long as they allow you and your family.

If you visit the beach along with kids, you can make them enjoy by swings, play sites, and temporary sand homes. A lot of beaches are equipped with umbrellas, showers, and bars to gain the maximum fun.  

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon, Arizona


The massive Grand Canyon is, in my personal opinion, one of the most impressive geological marvels of our country. The lack of green nature dissuades many from visiting the Canyon, which is a shame. Some might also be put off by the immense size of the Canyon, especially vertically for those with a fear of heights.


Being over a mile deep, this canyon is definitely a place you don’t want to fall off of. Due to its similarly-imposing horizontal size, it’s best to bring powerful binoculars to the site to see as much of the fascinating structure as possible.


A surprising tourist destination


While it might not seem like the most welcoming of places, it’s actually tourist-friendly, having its own visitor’s center that lets you regroup before choosing which part of the canyon you’d like to proceed to. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to visit the Canyon, but I’ll try to make my future trip an extensive one. From mule rides straight into the crevasse to helicopter rides above it, there seems to be quite a few things to do aside from the standard hiking – something that shouldn’t be too surprising, considering the size of the place.

Universal Studios Orlando

Universal Studios Orlando


Universal Studios in Orlando has definitely earned its status as the „Disneyland for movie buffs“. It’s a type of theme park that features rides and attractions revolving around all the most popular and known movies of recent years, and even some older ones. Regardless of which blockbuster or franchise of the past decade you’ve been a fan of, there’s a good chance this place will have something that will let you enjoy it in ways you never have before.


Something for everyone


From Return of the Mummy to many of Marvel’s greatest hits, the resort literally plunges you into your favorite world. The rides are far from cheap and lackluster – many of them feature so-called 4-D technology that is meant to bring your favorite characters and scenery to life.


As a fan of quite a few movies available on-site, Universal Studios is at the very top of my to-go list. I recommend the place to everyone who wished to be in their favorite movie, even if only for a short period – this resort might just be the closest you will come to fulfilling this dream. I plan on making my visit all-encompassing by spending no less than five days in a nearby hotel so that I can enjoy each of the park’s many rides.


Port Aransas

You gotta Get to Port A!

ITs a blast, and theres plenty to do!



Beach Combing

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