Tuscany – The land of beautiful beaches

cala-violina1The west central Italy contains a beautiful region called Tuscany. Along the coast of this place, some usual things are to see including white sand, unspoiled nature, and crystal clear water. These good things along many other features attract tourist from all countries each yea

A friend of mine who is Commercial Reverse Osmosis Expert was telling me that regardless of the time consumed here, be it a day, a week, or a month, thousands of tourist turn to the region just to enjoy the vacations and to pass the free time they have from their homelands. If you get a chance of visiting this area, don’t miss the beauty of beaches, worldliness, and landscapes.

Tuscany not only attracts ordinary people but also, some celebrities tend to enjoy its nature. Some even made their own houses there to enjoy the wonders of the region. To name some, we can mention George Clooney, a famous American actor, and Sting, the British singer. Both settled there for a long time, living there with their families.  This results in the popularity of its beauty, nature, and unmatched circumstances.

Tuscany is full of various beaches and each poses some unique features not found elsewhere in the world. This short article cannot enfold all the beaches located in the region, but I would like to share just one place named Versilia. The beauty of this place shouldn’t be missed by any tourists came to explore the nature of Tuscany.

Versilia is considered one of the most visited regions in Tuscany, well-known for not only its beauty but tourists love it because of being every eventful and full of social life and clubs, both day and night. You can enjoy the sea view along with attractive landscapes. There is a river named Versilia, so the whole region has been named so, at the name of that river.

Since the beach is a part of Tuscany, so visitors can feel the beauty expected from Italy. The beaches are all personal and not to use for the public. However, if you talk to the owners, you may be facilitated to stay there as long as they allow you and your family.

If you visit the beach along with kids, you can make them enjoy by swings, play sites, and temporary sand homes. A lot of beaches are equipped with umbrellas, showers, and bars to gain the maximum fun.